Updated Live Feed
The merchant center sends live product listing feed updates throughout the day so if you add new items or new ratings happen it’s live in real-time. 

Data Display
The Google merchant centre allows you to see some very detailed reporting of product performance and campaigns.

Seller Ratings
Every merchant using the shopping advertising feature has a seller rating attached to them. If you sell quality goods you get high ratings.

Buyer Journey
Product listing Ads are right in the purchase phase of the buyer journey. You want to be there when someone wants to buy.

Google Product Listing Ads

Paid Search product listing advertising can increase CTR clicks 200% over text search ads alone. Your feed, site, and bids are considered on Google and Bing to determine what search queries trigger your product ads and product attributes so granular feed optimisation is strategic for selling more product SKU’s online with product listing Ads.

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 Shopping Product Listing Ad Performance

Previously known as Product Listing Ads, Google Shopping is a comparison shopping feed or shopping engine that allows people to search, view and compare products. The products are shown whenever a potential customer searches through Google for an item from users who sell online. These can show up on the primary results page or in the shopping tab.

There are two platforms that power Google Shopping: Google Merchant Centre and    the   Google Ads  Service. The Merchant Centre is where the product feed can be found which then links Google Ads to the product listings of a website. Google Shopping can boost engagement rates as it lets products be listed above Google search results and AdWords.

Eye-Catching Product Advertising

The ads displayed on Google Shopping are very attractive and will show all of the details that a customer would want to know. It will display an image, description, price and any offer made by potential buyers. People can even see the review rating. The more product attributes you have and updated feed direct from Merchant centre the better shopper engagement you will experience.


Managing Product Feeds

This is basically where information regarding your products is formatted by the system so that it is easily read and understood by Google. You don’t get to choose the keywords in your Product Listing Ads, but Google will crawl your feed and determine if the products are relevant for a specific search query.

Important Shopping Feed Elements

  • Product Title
  • Description
  • Product Category
  • Product Type
  • Product Information & Attributes
  • Image
  • Price
  • Brand
  • Tax
  • Shipping and Labels

Product Based Dynamic Retargeting

Remarket user based product display Ad units segmented by previous website behaviour. Pull in product details like pricing and shipping details, location, product images, special offers and other significant Ad elements to performing audience segments familiar with your brand. Using smart shopping campaigns to automate parts of the bidding process and increase conversion is why the campaigns are called Smart shopping campaigns. The Google shopping experience becomes more seamless for customers the more information you provide, this matches when you retarget audiences who have viewed shopping collections and not purchased. The retargeting features are very powerful for the advertising of shopping campaigns.

Product Keywords and Ad Campaign Structure

Dynamic Ad Copy

Automatically populate current prices, location, inventory information within search, social and display advertising to reflect real-time deals and offers for on brand experiences.

Dynamic Ad Extensions

Call information from Google AdWords business data to help populate the sitelink extensions with latest product or service information. Showcase reviews in style with review extensions.

Feed Based Keyword Generation

Fill in your keyword gaps by indexing active keyword sets against product feeds to map out and identify areas for Ad expansion and optimisation. Cover more ground when you map out your feed and Ad keyword targeting.

Create Model/SKU Campaigns

Index product feeds to generate highly complex campaign structures for large volume product inventories based off segmented category data and information.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do people buy products on Google search?

The answer is Yes. Some of our biggest clients are running Google shopping Ad campaigns and seeing very positive results.

google shopping product listing ad example

The ease of searching for a coffee machine in Google and seeing the top advertised products right there allows for in the moment shopping decisions to be made.

You want to be there when that person makes that decision.

We specialise in paid search

We are deep in eCommerce and how it integrates Paid Search marketing. We have a team dedicated to making sure your product Ads get impressions, clicks and conversions. We work across most CMS website platforms and can get product feeds connected and serving Ads at almost a 100% success rate. We do offer email marketing, SEO & Facebook Ads but we are also very invested in helping eCommerce stores grow from our online activity.

We dive deeper than traditional all-in-one agencies because we’re not forced to wear multiple hats we wear the eCommerce hat. When you hire Be Media for product listing Ads, you’re hiring paid search experts. Period.

What you need to have to run Google Shopping Ads?

Without stating the obvious you will need a product to sell and somewhere to sell it from. The basic overview consists of 4 things to make a product listing Ad campaign.

In short you need 4 things

  1. A website
  2. A product feed
  3. A Merchant Center account
  4. Connected Merchant Center account and a Google Ads account
How do I know if my business needs product Ads?

Do you have products that you sell online? that’s the starting point.

If people search for what you sell then you should consider running a Google shopping campaign. You can sell more products faster just from having your products listed in Google product search.

Still unsure if this will work for your business? contact our team and we can help assess if this is good for your business.

We have daily visibility of your Ad account

In addition to our regular and ongoing account management and optimisation, we do manual checklist reviews of your account and competitors to make sure you are still relevant to the search query. We watch for trends changing, rising CPC’s and any irregular anomalies. Having actual people with their eyes reviewing your Ad account means things get noticed and action gets taken to fix anything that’s not working. During business days we have someone on your account monitoring the system and making sure everything is working.

Still unsure if this will work for your business? contact our team and we can help assess if this is good for your business.

How we can help you sell more products?

We have a very talented Search Engine marketing team of eCommerce savvy marketers. Be Media is your Google Shopping Agency.

We help you sell your products on these platforms:

  • Google Ad platform using search Ads, remarketing and YouTube Ads all of it.
  • Google Shopping Ads using the Merchant Center and PLA campaigns delivered right in search.
  • Microsoft Ads through Bing selling products on search and with remarketing.
  • Managing the bidding on search terms to reduce ad spend
  • Working towards achieving a target ROAS
  • Tracking keywords, search terms and shopping behaviours
  • Increasing conversion opportunity by optimising Google ad campaigns

We know the ins and outs of product feeds and Merchant Centers to configure them for ultimate optimisation and higher visibility. Our advanced shopping tactics allow you to pay to play and scale your campaigns upwards when the ROAS starts to stack up.

You may work with agencies who want to tell you it’s all about branding and ad views and that is cute but, that approach is from the early 2000’s. We have more data, more attribution and consumer trends showing us what we should be advertising. We optimise Ads for sales and capturing data to further improve our Ads.

Still unsure if this will work for your business? contact our team and we can help assess if this is good for your business.


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What Companies Like Yours Are Saying

Wonderful service and to date have delivered a very smooth experience with rebuilding our website.


Allgem Jewellers

We needed a digital partner that could support ACTON's digital transformation. We wanted to be the leader in the housing market and Be Media is certainly helping us get to that position and are with us every step of the way.



When I partnered with Be Media I got to work with people who already knew my industry and the terminology and the type of customer I wanted to attract. This really helped me accelerate my online marketing campaign success.


Loans 123

Great company, great people, great results. I highly recommend Be Media not just for SEO but for the full marketing setup. They really know what works.


Castle Security

We have found Be Media to surpass our expectations in regards to product delivery and customer service. We look forward to working with them in building our online presence and brand.


Safeguard Industries

Be Media helped me through the process of my website from start to finish with the utmost attention to detail. I am already receiving new leads and thank the wonderful team who put so much effort in.


Allen Air

Top company to partner with. We have worked with Be Media to handle our website design and online marketing needs and found them to be very effective. From sale to the ads going live very helpful. Highly recommended.


Fridays Jetskis

Be Media have been extremely valuable to our business growth opportunities. The team are true experts in all things digital. Our campaigns have really seen a rise in leads and sales to our commercial electrical business. The team has been amazing we can't thank Be Media enough.


Cablewise Electrical

We are so happy with all the online marketing support Be Media has given us. Special thank you to Alex. He has gone above and beyond to meet our digital marketing needs. HIGH FIVE.


Glen Forrest Family Dental

Being in an extremely competitive industry and trying to find that edge and technical understanding of online marketing is essential. After being with a few agencies who seem to promise and not deliver I was skeptical and disillusioned. The knowledge and very clear communication of how the delivery worked gave me confidence Be Media were the digital agency partner for me.


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Working with Be Media has been a great exerience for our Balmain based dental practice. They are very attentive and certainly deliver the quality SEO service as promised.

-Dr Flora

Balmain Dentist

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