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A Google penalty recovery service is a sub-discipline under SEO that is focused on assisting organisations to deal with being hit by a Google penalty. It mainly relates to issues based on the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates of the search engine.

Google penalties are bad news and can often result in a severe downward spiral in organic rankings, online visibility and leads.


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What is a Google Penalty?

This is a sanction that is issued by Google because the search engine believes a website does not comply with its algorithms. The Google penalty can be a result of an intentional punishment that is given due to black hat SEO techniques or caused by an update in the algorithm.

One way you can tell if your website has been penalized is when you notice a sudden and significant drop in its traffic. We have worked with a handful of consultation clients to help pull their websites out of a downward spiral and back into the growth cycle by investing in technical SEO processes that get results at Be Media.

Why Do Websites Get Penalized?

The main goal of Google is to give the most relevant results when people search using its engine. In its point of view, the search giant sees websites that try to manipulate the search results as a danger to their product. Nobody would want to use Google if it returned results that were unhelpful or gave users a bad experience.

Google penalties are the result of a constantly evolving algorithm that is being used by Google as it crawls and inspects websites. Penalties can happen when certain actions appear to be blatant manipulation of the signals used to rank websites are changed without a reasonable explanation of why the big change.

The Impact of Google Penalties

Penalties that are served by Google have a significant impact on your company’s presence online. What this means is that your website will less likely be found (if at all) when potential customers perform a search. Since Google accounts for the majority of search traffic worldwide, your web presence can become practically invisible for those looking to purchase products and services you offer.

In the meantime, your competition is going to benefit from the gap your website’s sudden absence has created in the search result pages. Visitors will most likely find their site while yours drop down steadily into the bottom. Left alone, accumulated Google penalties will eventually decimate the traffic your website receives.

In short, being penalized by Google equates to a quick and genuine loss of potential income for your business.

Types of Google Penalties

Algorithm Penalty – These are automatically applied penalties that are based on the existing algorithms of Google. This can come in the Google Panda or the Google Penguin updates. These two algorithms act as filters by checking websites for certain parameters and punish those that do not adhere to the rules.

Manual Penalty – These are penalties that are given by a Google employee, such as that from the Webspam Team, who have taken action against a website. These personnel manually reviews each domain if they are suspected to be violating the Google Webmaster Guidelines in order to make the web a better place for finding relevant helpful information.

Here’s What We Can Do

If you believe that your website has been affected by a Google penalty, Be Media can perform an audit and see if this is really the case. Once confirmed, we can take immediate steps so we can bring your website back to the good graces of the search engine. Whether your website has been algorithmically or manually penalized, we will review it and see what steps can be taken to bring back your ranking.

With numerous years of experience in Internet marketing and some of the best Internet marketers, we can assure you that your website will be back dominating search engine results and getting the most relevant traffic you need.

A penalty issued by Google can mean loss of revenue which continue to grow the longer you leave it be. Our Google Penalty Recovery Services comes with no black hat SEO methods that can further penalize you.

If you want to speak to one of our technical SEO specialists you can organise a consultation here.

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Have you helped other businesses remove manual penalties before?

We have and have a good eye for these types of problems. Every website comes with its own problems, challenges and history.

We don’t provide a universal method for overcoming this type of problem but we have several methods that help clean up the mess and get websites to a point where they are able to trade as normal. 

How bad are these penalty things?

In every business there is a competitor, this is unavoidable. When you are hit with a penalty consider everyone in your industry just became 100x more of a competitor than they were before because your online visibility will be reduced to zero.

The worst thing about these are that the number 1 search engine online thinks you are the bad guy and wants to hide your website from everyone. This can cripple a business. 


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"We exist to develop digital campaigns that drive real return for all stakeholders. Our approach, systems, and technology set us apart from our peers and mean direct, measurable and real results for our clients. We believe that businesses are the greatest engine for long-term and sustainable change."

Clare Smith - Pitt Street Dental Center

"We exist to develop digital campaigns that drive real return for all stakeholders. Our approach, systems, and technology set us apart from our peers and mean direct, measurable and real results for our clients. We believe that businesses are the greatest engine for long-term and sustainable change."

Clare Smith - Pitt Street Dental Center

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