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Our Industry Partners & Awards

Our Industry Partners & Awards

Golden SEO Case Study
Be Media has delivered us a really great organic search service. We have been able to maximize our digital marketing budget to ensure we are using it in the most effective channels possible. Having a visible presence in Google was one of our key goals in marketing the business. After we spoke with Be Media our leads from organic search increase and are still increasing today. We highly recommend Be Media for SEO services.


Increase in
Organic Search


Increase in
Conversion Rate


Increase in


Achieve business growth with us

We have search specialists working out of our Perth, Melbourne & Sydney offices to provide national coverage for all Perth SEO clients. There is no lapse in local knowledge with our industry leading team of Perth local search engine optimisation professionals.

Our SEO team has a high standard of development expected from them with continuous learning being a big focus. We want to deliver a superior service by knowing what works and when to change tactic.


Golden Keyword Discovery Opportunities

It is critical to start an SEO program with a detailed market and competitor analysis to identify the keywords that are going to drive real return on investment for your business. This analysis can then identify opportunities that will lead to the fastest return on investment, and ultimately organic (free) traffic and leads to your site, which is ultimately profit.

Our process involves seeing what you have and what you do not have and bridging the gap. Each SEO strategy we develop is completely customised for each client based on their goals and objectives.

What’s Our Approach?

Data Driven

We measure every website visit and the behaviour to inform our SEO strategy.

Conversion Focused

We send you solid organic website traffic because it converts the highest.

Smart Search

We approach all websites with a mobile first focus so your website performs well into the future.


We plan for the future and ensure your website can scale and grow as you do.

Build Trust and Authority Online

A strong organic presence on Google builds your authority and trust in your marketplace. In Google’s ideal web world, ‘https’ would be the only running server. Why? Because it’s the most secure. Google even rewards https servers with a small rank increase, and a security-conscious user will be more inclined to stay on your site when they see a https server.

Like wine and cheese, a domain gets better with age. A high profile website will typically have an older domain age, determined not only by when the domain was purchased, but also by how long the site has been ‘live’ for. An aged domain is more likely to be trusted by users and search engines alike.

We will work with you to create content that speaks to your target audience, and helps your website get noticed by other relevant websites so we can create positive online PR around your brand and your business.

Content & Ecommerce SEO Agency Expertise


Search engines LOVE content, and they need to see keywords and structure to help a site rank.  Content is key  for driving targeted traffic to your site. By authentically weaving relevant search queries and keywords into your site’s content, you’ll be setting yourself up for a significant increase in exposure and conversions.

Our SEO team understands eCommerce websites and the numerous function applications involved in running an oline store. When it comes to eCommerce, your SEO strategy should revolve around getting your products in front of hungry buyers. It takes specific knowledge and experience to know how to fine tune every platform, and as Magneto, Shopify, WooCommerce and Google Shopping partners, we’ve got it covered. 

We also place a heavy focus on content marketing and having the Ecommerce SEO intelligence to improve the visibility of products and categories in search.

We’ve helped our small and mid-tier clients beat eCommerce giants in search through tactical application and high quality content. We can help you to do the same.

Website Structure & Technical Foundations

When you place focus on content that helps solve problems you create meaningful content that users engage with and search engines eat up to help solve user search intent.

The design of your site is important not only for users, but for search engines as well. Search engines today are smart, calculating a number of complex algorithms to determine the relevance of a site according to a search term. ‘Crawling’ through web content, search engines speed-read each and every page of content on your site, isolating the relevant ones to match a search term.

There are a lot of real tech heavy crawler, indexer, bots, Javascript and more that we put focus into to help your website have a clean menu that the Google bots can read in milliseconds.

We also place a heavy focus on website page load speed and having the  technical SEO  intelligence to detect and fix common errors. Work with an  SEO company that understands this.

Be Media’s SEO Standards

to provide national coverage for all Be Media SEO clients. There is no lapse in local knowledge with our industry leading team of local search engine optimisation professionals.

Our SEO team has a high standard of development expected from them with continuous learning being a big focus. We want to deliver a superior service by knowing what the next Google update is and understanding the impact it has and how to work alongside Google’s ever-changing algorithm’s.

We replicat ethe success factors and process throughout the company. What works in Perth can be feed to our Melbourne SEO team and to our local Sydney SEO team. Creating a better data and intelligence sharing between the online search teams.

To give you an understanding of what we put our SEO team through as a minimum is expectations that certifications will be achieved in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, SEMRush certified and other industry tools. We hold these high standards to keep the best talent possible at Be Media and to deliver the best possible service to our customers.

Dig a little deeper

You’ll achieve your business goals thanks to outr comperhensive services.

Google My Business

Drive qualified traffic to your website and landing pages.

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Enterprise SEO

Place your ads strategically across two million websites and over 650,000 apps.

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Page Load Speed

Product ads that allow people to search, view and compare products.

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Technical SEO

If you are not running web retargeting you are losing sales rignt now. Fact.

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Penalty Recovery

Conversion Rate Optimisation helps improve user expirience and sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What types of SEO can you help me with?

Are there different types of SEO available for different businesses?

While there are standard areas of organic search that should be included as part of your long-term strategy such as content marketing, quality backlinks and various other forms of on-site and off-site optimisations, there isn’t one SEO strategy that fits all businesses.

At Be Media we’ve worked with businesses across a wide range of industries from healthcare to professional services and from small to franchise to enterprise. Our specialists honed their skills to be able to deliver tailored search engine optimisation services to a variety of clients.

We help businesses in local SEO, franchise SEO, enterprise SEO, eCommerce SEO and SEO strategy.


The different SEO services Be Media offers

What’s the difference between local SEO, eCommerce SEO and enterprise SEO?

SEO will need to be tailored differently to each type of business and sometimes these types of terms get thrown around a lot, it can be confusing as to what each term means.

Do you have a physical store or service a particular area? Then it’s all about location for you. Local SEO focuses on those location specific platforms like Google My Business, location specific backlinks and keywords that tie in with the physical location such as “real estate agent Sydney”.

If you’re selling products online, you have an eCommerce store. It’s not a good idea to put all marketing efforts into only paid search or social media to get your products seen by customers, when there is the opportunity to also take up organic real estate on the front page of Google – this is where you need eCommerce SEO.

Our Perth SEO specialists are dialled in and constanly assessing the changes in signals used to optimise web pages. 

How important are backlinks in my strategy?

Why we want backlinks?

Many years ago, the search engines such as Alta Vista, Bing and Yahoo were the major players in the industry, and they used to base their search results on the content of a web page.

When Google came in, they used their PageRank Algorithm which changed the game entirely. Instead of just analysing the content on each page, Google would look at how many other websites linked to that page alone.

This kind of approach proved to be successful, and despite almost 20 years later, the universal backlinks that a website have are still the best ways search engines can determine the quality of a web page. This is one of the reasons why backlinks are still the go-to ranking signal for the search engine giant Google.

We want medium to high-quality links that will “move the needle” in your rankings and bring in website traffic, the process goes like this: 

  • Create great content
  • Contact relevant websites & blogs
  • Get your content featured on these sites
  • Get your brand mentioned on these sites
  • Get the reference backlink
  • Continue to create helpful content
  • Rinse repeat

Our focus is on finding out what will make you stand out from your competitors, and how to motivate a site owner to give you that link.

Do you practice black hat SEO?

With techniques like reusing popular content and ‘keyword stuffing’ (planting highly ranked keywords where they are entirely irrelevant), Black Hat SEO practises trick search engines into thinking that a site is trusted and relevant to a search.

While Black Hat SEO practises might initially raise your search engine ranking, this will be ‘staged’ and short-lived…and because they break SEO rules, it doesn’t take long before a site relying on Black Hat SEO is penalised, even blacklisted.

Our tried and tested SEO techniques are the way to go for enduring exposure and a consistently high ranking website. As Australi’s top SEO agency we have faith in our ability to deliver great Google search results for our clients.

We’ll make sure your site stays visible, and in the search engines’ good books. We realise that when we go to work for you, we represent your brand online and take care of how we promote your brand with online marketing methods that improve visibility and authority online.

How long does SEO take to start seeing results?

We’re sure you’ve been told SEO is a long term investment and you won’t see results for a long time. Here’s the thing, and we hate to be the bearers of bad news, but there is some truth to this statement. 

There are many factors that can impact when you’ll start seeing results from your search engine optimisation campaign. From the current state of your SEO (where you’re ranking, what types of backlinks you have, what sort of SEO has been implemented on your website previously, how long your website has been around) to the competitiveness of high value keywords in your industry and more…

There’s no getting away with sneaky little shortcut hacks either, with Google constantly tweaking and updating algorithms to ensure it’s a fair and even playing field for all businesses trying to get on the first page. This means you always have to be on top of the game; it truly is a long term investment.

However, all the on-site and off-site optimisations will be worth the end result, even if it does take months to get there. The implementation of high quality SEO work will help ensure that you’ll continue to benefit from the results for a long time.

Does the structure and layout of my website matter?

Site Structure Foundations

There are several structural factors that can determine how searchable your site is, speed being one of them. In a world where we expect instant information, a website that loads even only slightly on the slower side can deter a user. There’s also no point having a site that looks and works fantastically on a the Chrome browser or a PC, but that’s really hard to see on a smartphone.

Click depth is another area that can impact how searchable your web pages are. If you search for something and need to click more than 3-4 times that page is too far down the navigation to get priority of the Google website crawlers.

Will having more backlinks help me beat my competitors?

Relevant Backlinks Really Matter?

You cant start a successful link building campaign without analysing the field and knowing the competition. We have a streamlined process for backlink review at scale.

We like to know what you have as a link magnet or can be used to persuede other websites to refer to you with backlinks instead of someone else. The outreach to make this happen can be time consuming and very frustrating on our end but the reward is all worth it when we get those sweet links.

Lucky for you, Be Media understands this process all too well we build thousands of links each month for our clients and can do the same for you. Interested? click on the Get Started button below and we can get your brand the digital PR it deserves.

Why do you have so much focus on website content?

Content that is unique to your business can be your greatest marketing tool.

It’s time to make friends with content. By ‘content’ we mean content that is unique, fresh and up-to-date with the hot topics relevant to your industry…think new and in the now easily shared across social media.

We put a lot of focus into content and we do so in the effort to give Google and your readers information. We create different types of content and we make it SEO freindly so Google loves it, but we make it easy to read and helpful. The key to content marketing success.

What Companies Like Yours Are Saying

Wonderful service and to date have delivered a very smooth experience with rebuilding our website.


Allgem Jewellers

We needed a digital partner that could support ACTON's digital transformation. We wanted to be the leader in the housing market and Be Media is certainly helping us get to that position and are with us every step of the way.



When I partnered with Be Media I got to work with people who already knew my industry and the terminology and the type of customer I wanted to attract. This really helped me accelerate my online marketing campaign success.


Loans 123

Great company, great people, great results. I highly recommend Be Media not just for SEO but for the full marketing setup. They really know what works.


Castle Security

We have found Be Media to surpass our expectations in regards to product delivery and customer service. We look forward to working with them in building our online presence and brand.


Safeguard Industries

Be Media helped me through the process of my website from start to finish with the utmost attention to detail. I am already receiving new leads and thank the wonderful team who put so much effort in.


Allen Air

Top company to partner with. We have worked with Be Media to handle our website design and online marketing needs and found them to be very effective. From sale to the ads going live very helpful. Highly recommended.


Fridays Jetskis

Be Media have been extremely valuable to our business growth opportunities. The team are true experts in all things digital. Our campaigns have really seen a rise in leads and sales to our commercial electrical business. The team has been amazing we can't thank Be Media enough.


Cablewise Electrical

We are so happy with all the online marketing support Be Media has given us. Special thank you to Alex. He has gone above and beyond to meet our digital marketing needs. HIGH FIVE.


Glen Forrest Family Dental

Being in an extremely competitive industry and trying to find that edge and technical understanding of online marketing is essential. After being with a few agencies who seem to promise and not deliver I was skeptical and disillusioned. The knowledge and very clear communication of how the delivery worked gave me confidence Be Media were the digital agency partner for me.


South Perth Locksmith

Working with Be Media has been a great exerience for our Balmain based dental practice. They are very attentive and certainly deliver the quality SEO service as promised.

-Dr Flora

Balmain Dentist

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