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It’s not an exaggeration to state that Google has now become the modern day Yellow Pages – allowing people to connect with local business easily. As a result, high visibility in this popular search engine is important for companies to become successful. If a brand is not visible online, marketing becomes nearly impossible to do and the business may be better off not existing at all.

However, having solid search engine rankings is not something that happens by accident. Companies get it after a thorough marketing strategy has been applied in the form of enterprise SEO.

How is Enterprise SEO Different? 

Let’s start by looking at the term enterprise marketing. This is basically a marketing tactic that covers both granular and high-level approaches with the main goal of giving large organisations better revenues.

Its not uncommon for a strategy for enterprise and Franchise marketing to be all about securing the brands reputation and location status in operational Geo-locations. In our experience it also comes with working on and alongside enterprise level tools and software that requires an understanding of how that works to align with our digital strategy. 

Using a strategic digital strategy for enterprise business incorporates elements of Franchise marketing for each branch location of the business. Enterprise SEO involves technical SEO application as well as working with several stakeholders under the constraints of budget, time and technological hurdles.

What Does SEO for Enterprise Business Require?


There are several tools and skill sets needed for enterprise SEO to succeed, these are:

  1. Adaptability – Crucial since algorithms and trends in the search engines are subject to change.
  2. Innovation – Especially important in content creation and campaign development.
  3. Software – Programs that allow easy integration and automation of SEO tasks.

As you search for an agency that can provide you with the ideal enterprise SEO services, it is important to find one that has a set of software programs, content vendors and the like to recommend.

Capable digital marketing agencies would need to understand enterprise & Franchise SEO at the minimum be able to consult and deliver advanced recommendations in the following fields:

  • Brand and focus buyer queries
  • Online business intelligence
  • Technical SEO strategies
  • Empirical data & trend assessment

Why Is Enterprise SEO Important? 

Enterprise SEO is important since there is a huge amount of revenue that can be gained by securing organic traffic. By failing to perform, businesses are missing out on a significant part of the opportunities offered by organic search.

There is also a big chance that your competition is actively into search engine optimisation as well. If they’re doing it effectively, they are putting themselves in a competitive advantage in the market. This is especially true if your company is failing to do competitive analysis right or they are simply doing it better.

Business growth is at stake here and that is why a mix of technical know how and strategic analysis is a critical must have for any business operating in the franchise & enterprise online space. Failure to take advantage of your digital landscape is the easiest way to miss out on making your business more money. 

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