Link Outreach Process

The most time-consuming task involved in Link Building is the manual outreach process. To obtain more authoritative backlinks we often need to reach out to webmasters and claim unlicked brand mentions in an effort to improve our trust online. To get these backlinks it often takes time researching them and then some communication with the webmasters to get approval. Each backlink we get for you we improve the success of your SEO campaign.

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What’s the Point of Backlinks?

Many years ago, the search engines such as Alta Vista and Yahoo were the major players in the industry, and they used to base their search results on the content of a web page. When Google came in, they used their PageRank Algorithm which changed the game entirely. Instead of just analysing the content on each page, Google would look at how many other websites linked to that page alone.

This kind of approach proved to be successful, and despite almost 20 years later, the universal backlinks that a website have are still the best ways search engines can determine the quality of a web page. This is one of the reasons why backlinks are still the go-to ranking signal for the search engine giant Google.

What Makes a Good Link?

There are three elements that make up a good link, these are:

Trusted Links – These are links that come from websites that Google deem as trustworthy. Basically, backlinks that come from trusted sites will benefit yours while those coming from sites that are not trusted by Google will harm it.

Diverse Links – This type means that you are getting a lot of links that come from different kinds of domains. A good and natural link profile will have links coming from sites such as web directories, press release syndicators and more.

Relevant Links – Google uses anchor text to discover the topic of a page without even crawling it, and they use this as a strong signal for ranking. This type of link is therefore acquired links that are related to the site in question.

The Benefits of Link Building for Businesses

Better Authority – Since we know that Google dictates the rank of your site based on the quality and quantity of its universal backlinks, it is, therefore, important to secure good links to help improve domain and page authority. The higher a site’s domain authority is, the easier it is for users to find it based on relevant search terms.

Higher Referral Traffic – Links that were obtained from a link building campaign will exist as long as they are still around and readers will continue to click on them down the road. The more links that are out there directing to your site, the more referral traffic you’re going to get.

Increased Visibility – Having high visibility in search engines is never a bad thing as it leads to more potential customers from discovering your brand. When you work with an expert link building agency, they can help you get quality links which in turn will give your business more exposure.

Why Do You Need Backlinks?

Link building is the process in which hyperlinks that direct to your own are acquired from other websites. Search engines make use of these links to crawl the web – going through both the links between each of the pages on a site and the links between entire websites. This is very much like PR in the real world, we are networking online & getting endorsed by other websites.

As a business online you want to have as many people see your sales offers as you can and you want to be referred to by the top names and brands in your industry. To do this online you need backlinks from these people.  The art of link building is an extensive one that pays off when you combine good quality content and solid link outreach.

Lucky for you, Be Media understands this process all too well we build thousands of links each month for our clients and can do the same for you. Interested? click on the Get Started button below and we can get your brand the digital PR it deserves.


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