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People today have many websites available to them, so they don’t have to stick with slow-loading ones. If you have a page that doesn’t load fast, your potential customer might move on to your much speedier competition. So instead of converting these visitors into useful sales, you’d be doing the opposite instead. Not only is this a missed opportunity for sales it is also a disaster for your SEO campaign!

 The page load time of a website is the amount of time that it takes for a single page to finish loading on the screen. It is calculated from the time a user clicks it to when it is fully loaded on their browser. Page load speed is often measured in seconds.

Why Is Page Load Speed Important?


Google and the other search engines use the time it takes for a web page to load in their algorithms to determine its ranking. This means that they would most likely direct people to websites that load faster. However, page speed isn’t the only aspect that is focused here as there are more than 200 other signals in the algorithm. It is nonetheless important, and minor changes in your website can help improve page load speed and rankings as well.

 Apart from the rankings, the optimisation of your page load time is an ideal way to ensure that your visitors are happy when browsing your website. This will allow you to easily get them converted into sales with the right digital marketing strategy in place. Satisfied visitors can recommend your website to their friends too which is a huge plus because of your good site speed.

How To Improve Your Page Load Speed


Compress With GZIP

You may want to inquire from your web host if they allow GZIP compression and deflation with their servers. This approach can enhance the load speed of a page significantly by reducing file sizes to as much as 70% without affecting the quality of images and videos.

Optimise Your CSS and Scripts

Have these two aspects load up on external files instead of having them cramped in each web page. By doing this, the browser will simply have to load files on at a time, instead of each time a person visits each page of the website.

Optimise Your Images

By using Fireworks or Photoshop, be sure that you’re saving your images with the “Save for Web” option to reduce the size of an image drastically. There is an image quality slider that will let you see the trade-offs between better visuals or lower file size.

Take Advantage of Caching

There are content management systems today such as WordPress which use plugins that will cache pages of a website and display it to the users quickly, so it doesn’t have to generate the same page every time they visit it. Using a plugin like WP Super Cache can take out a big chunk of loading time for your web pages and improve your site speed.

Does Having a Fast Website Help My Rankings?

Although the page load speed doesn’t contribute a whole lot to give your site good search engine rankings, it is still crucial to how effective a site can convert visitors to customers or clients. If you’re looking for expert help on how you can improve your website, don’t hesitate to contact us at Be Media today!

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