Social Media Marketing

Your customers spend a huge part of their lives on Facebook and other social media platforms… everybody does. It’s time to enter the online social space and join the conversation. Connecting with your audience through social networks enables you to speak their language and show them that you understand them – which will, in turn, do wonders for your bottom line.

Two of the biggest benefits of social advertising and social media marketing are increasing your brand exposure and driving more traffic through your website. It is a fantastic way of establishing a loyal fan base and gaining marketplace insight for your business. Last year, over half of digital marketing specialists identified Facebook as the most powerful social media marketing platform, followed by LinkedIn, Twitter and Blogging.

How our Facebook marketing works

There are over 12 million active users who can be reached through Facebook advertising here in Australia. Be Media are the experts at Facebook marketing in Perth. We create effective social media ad campaigns perfectly crafted to engage with your target market and boost your brand awareness. You can drive lead generation and increase sales through our Facebook advertising campaigns in Australia.

Consumers are 40 to 100 times more likely to engage with your brand through your Facebook business page if you implement advertisements across desktop, mobile and tablet displays. No, that was not a typo – it really is 40 to 100 times more likely!

We determine who will see your ads based on metrics such as gender, age, interests and location, ensuring that our approach is highly targeted. With the huge opportunity to grow your business through Facebook marketing in Australia, you’d be crazy not to jump on board and run with it!

Here are a few of the benefits of Facebook advertising

  • Seamless integration of your business objectives appearing within the newsfeed of your desired customers
  • Execution of highly targeted marketing campaigns
  • Your return on investment will shoot through the roof!
  • Facebook advertising is particularly good for improving brand awareness and expanding your reach
  • Full screen ads on mobile devices mean that the adverts can’t be skipped or ignored
  • As nearly half of all consumers turn to social media when making a purchasing decision, your adverts will work to get you a direct response – for a very reasonable outlay, especially in comparison to traditional advertising mediums

Case Studies

We are proud to be trusted partners of many of Perth’s most successful companies.