Although not something new, influencer marketing has become a trending and hot topic for many marketers lately on social media. This is probably because they have started realising just how powerful it can be, especially as an alternative choice to the traditional methods of advertising which can be far more costly. Furthermore, consumers today are starting to dislike being advertised to and the marketing messages that are being put out are losing credibility each day.


What Are Influencers?

You might have heard of this term used already, but one of the biggest misconceptions about them is that they are people who have large followings on social media. Compared to popularity, trying to influence someone would require a specific result such as a change in their behaviour or thinking. Therefore, influencers are people who have the ability to change the perception of others to get them to do something they’d otherwise not do.

 When it comes to the world of marketing, influencers are people who can help them get people to buy their products or services. But how can an influencer do this? There are three important factors that an influencer must have namely reach, salesmanship and contextual credibility. The stronger these factors are, the better the influence potential of a certain person.

Doing Influential Marketing Right

Perhaps the easiest way to start working with an influencer is to give them money to endorse your products or services. Many advertisers have used popular individuals in their campaigns for a long time. In the world of marketing, marketers are simply using their familiarity and credibility to sell. Although this kind of tactic might work, it isn’t what we can call as influencer outreach but as a celebrity endorsement.

 Another approach that you can do with influencers is by borrowing their reach. Most marketers in the advertising industry do this today. They search for people who have a huge following on social media and pay them to advertise. This approach doesn’t maximise the opportunities for influencer marketing and is actually just sponsored advertising.

 The best approach that you can do with influencer marketing is to simply not include financial compensation. Rather, it would require the understanding that these influencers love being recognised, have access to firsthand data and be the first to know in their areas – all of these are important in strengthening their influence.

 Influencer marketing should be focused on creating sincere and personal relationships with these influencers and sharing important, unique and exclusive information with them. The good thing about these influencers is that they are curious, so marketers with a useful and interesting product should have no problem knowing what would be of value to these individuals.

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Advocacy Is The Goal In Influencer Marketing 

Being honest and genuine should be the two key aspects when doing influencer marketing. You’d want an influencer to talk about your product or service because they want to and because they find your brand interesting and the data you provide useful to their followers.

 Proper influencer marketing requires a lot of time, focus and dedication. When performed right, influencer marketing can be a huge multiplier as it is capable of leveraging credibility, salesmanship and reach of the social media influencers who can advocate what you’re selling to people.


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