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Build a following online on the channels that matter most to your biggest fans.


Find hordes of hungry and ready to spend buyers, if you know where to look.


Through smart targeting and creative, you can catch attention and build momentum over time (and repeat sales).


Less shouting and touting, more smarts and heart. Speak and engage with your audience.


Once you find traction, you can immediately scale your sales to whatever heights you can handle.

Discover Hungry Buyers

Social media isn’t just for watching cat videos, it’s for the savvy business owner that wants to connect and influence their prospects and customers. There are thousands of unique groups and segments within social media desperate to hear of your product or service, and how it can help them.

Our expert Facebook marketers can quickly discover hungry buyers and create campaigns that convert them into prospects and customers. We further work with you to enhance the power of social proof, and target friends and connections of your happy customers, which leads to further sales.

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Maximise Sales

All social media campaigns we develop are built on the back of a strong growth strategy that deeply understands your target market. This allows our experts to develop strong sales funnels and strategies that converts interest on social media into leads and sales. Repeatedly.

Social media, as a part of the overall marketing strategy, allows us to communicate with your potential customers in a more relaxed environment and ensure they are receiving the appropriate information and insights they need as they make their buying decision.

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Clever Communication Closes Sales

Through the power of social media you can connect and communicate in very clever ways that can lead to a strong and steady stream of constant visitors to your site.

Depending on who your customer avatar is and where they hang out, we will develop campaigns with the right messaging, creative and targeting to connect with them

Through the development of a strong strategy, you can utilise the power of Facebook to support your buyers throughout their entire customer journey from awareness, through to engagement, purchase and ongoing loyalty.

This approach maximises every dollar invested, and ensures you achieve ongoing sales with your customers. We work with all clients to develop clear sales strategies and develop sales funnels to ensure this occurs.

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What the benefits of social media for my business?

With over 15 million active monthly users in Australia alone using Facebook and 9 million active users in Australia each month on Instagram, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that it’s likely that your customers are using social media.

When users scroll through their feed or are jumping from one post or video to another in their spare time, it’s the perfect opportunity to get eyeballs on your brand and your ads in a way that other digital channels aren’t able to.

Social media marketing is key to brand awareness for your business and can drive leads from the top, middle and bottom of the funnel. It provides an opportunity to get in front of customers at all stages of the customer journey, from people who aren’t even thinking about your product or service to potential customers that are actively searching and in the market to purchase.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is an opportunity to get your business in front of potential customers organically or through advertising to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, or Pinterest.

Users provide these platforms with data every day, from liking and commenting on posts to sharing articles and photos. Social media advertising enables your business to harness this information and get in front of the right people at different stages of the customer journey.

Each platform has its own benefits and features that allow businesses to segment their audience and target potential or returning customers, with the opportunity to trial and test different types of campaigns, as well as utilise split testing audiences and creative.

What if one social channel isn’t working for me?

At Be Media our approach is always an agile one, this allows the strategy to change as trends and platforms change. When we use an agile strategy we ensure that the social channels being used are the optimal channel to achieve the desired results. Through quarterly strategic planning and optimisation we make key decisions to ensure these sales objectives are being met.

Why is Be Media the leading Social Agency in Australia?

If you’re looking for a social media agency that knows what they’re talking about, you’ve come to the right place. At Be Media, our team is dedicated to developing cutting edge social media advertising campaigns that work towards your business goals.

Our team has spent time developing and honing their skills to be able to provide effective campaigns that we continue to test and optimise to ensure we provide the best ROI.

If you’re unsure what platform is right for you, speak to one of our specialists to develop a strategy to grow your business.

How do you track and ensure high performance?

Through the use of advanced tracking and optimisation software we are able to increase the performance of each campaign on a consistent basis as we gather more audience data, conversion information and sales performance.

What platform is right for my business?

There is no single approach to determining which platform is right for your business. It largely depends on your industry and target audience. Despite Facebook and Instagram being two of the big social media giants there are other platforms that are also growing in popularity among users and advertisers.

For some industries it won’t make sense to run advertising on LinkedIn and Twitter because that is not where their target market is located, whereas Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest may be a better option to reach their potential customers, and vice versa.

There will also be some circumstances where social channels are not the right fit for the business due to the type of product or service that is on offer or restrictions around advertising that product or service.

How much do I have to spend to get results?

Each social media platform can serve your brand in a different way depending on your objective of the campaign, but there are some platforms that are more expensive than others. Platforms like LinkedIn tend to be more expensive than Facebook due to the highly refined targeting options such as job title and company size.

Depending on the platform and the objective of the campaign, businesses will usually be charged on cost-per-click or cost-per-view for their advertising. Whereas in-stream video ads on YouTube average $0.10 to $0.30 a view as the targeting reaches potential customers across a wide range of topics – this is great for brand awareness.

There is no one size fits all package that will suit every business and budgets can be different depending on your business goals, offers and industry.

Speak to our specialists today to develop a social media strategy for your business.

How does the targeting work?

The targeting options differ on each platform, but with more advanced options available, it’s never been easier to get in front of highly relevant customers before. No longer are you showing an ad in the newspaper and simply hoping someone relevant sees it and takes action.

On Facebook and Instagram in-depth demographic, interest and behavioural targeting is available from data gathered from within the platforms, including age, sex, education, relationship status, pages and content topics that users have engaged with as well as purchase intent.

Pinterest also crosses over with a number of demographic, interest and behavioural targeting options available on Facebook and Instagram, but also includes keyword targeting. While YouTube uses topics and keywords as a form of contextual targeting with the option to narrow down demographics such as age and gender. LinkedIn on the other hand focuses on job roles and company size among other things related to jobs and employment.

As you can see there are a lot of different options available that will suit different businesses for different reasons.

What Companies Like Yours Are Saying

Wonderful service and to date have delivered a very smooth experience with rebuilding our website.
We needed a digital partner that could support ACTON's digital transformation. We wanted to be the leader in the housing market and Be Media is certainly helping us get to that position and are with us every step of the way.
When I partnered with Be Media I got to work with people who already knew my industry and the terminology and the type of customer I wanted to attract. This really helped me accelerate my online marketing campaign success.
Great company, great people, great results. I highly recommend Be Media not just for SEO but for the full marketing setup. They really know what works.
We have found Be Media to surpass our expectations in regards to product delivery and customer service. We look forward to working with them in building our online presence and brand.
Be Media helped me through the process of my website from start to finish with the utmost attention to detail. I am already receiving new leads and thank the wonderful team who put so much effort in.
Top company to partner with. We have worked with Be Media to handle our website design and online marketing needs and found them to be very effective. From sale to the ads going live very helpful. Highly recommended.
Be Media have been extremely valuable to our business growth opportunities. The team are true experts in all things digital. Our campaigns have really seen a rise in leads and sales to our commercial electrical business. The team has been amazing we can't thank Be Media enough.
We are so happy with all the online marketing support Be Media has given us. Special thank you to Alex. He has gone above and beyond to meet our digital marketing needs. HIGH FIVE.
Being in an extremely competitive industry and trying to find that edge and technical understanding of online marketing is essential. After being with a few agencies who seem to promise and not deliver I was skeptical and disillusioned. The knowledge and very clear communication of how the delivery worked gave me confidence Be Media were the digital agency partner for me.
Working with Be Media has been a great exerience for our Balmain based dental practice. They are very attentive and certainly deliver the quality SEO service as promised.