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Web Hosting Performance For All Businesses


Enterprise level SSD Hosting. It is critical to have a website that is online all the time. This means your websites hosting server is stable and hosts your website making it available for users. We have partnered with Amazon Web Services to bring you the most secure, stable and powerful website hosting available for your website.

Our hosting configuration allows for scalability and security with your website. This means as your business grows we can automatically assign more resources so that your site is always online, your website can not be brute forced or attacked by online bad guys the server we use will react in real time to a threat. This helps us stand out from other providers.

Reliable Website Uptime


Uptime is the amount of time that a website is “Up” meaning the hosting server is operational. Downtime means when that same server is not operational and this could be because of scheduled services and upgrades. The downtime is unavoidable but manageable. 

No server will record 100% uptime, there are backups, patches and this causes some temporary downtime. While we can not avoid some downtime we do have reliable uptime averaging 99%+ better than industry standards. 


Fast Loading Local Servers


We use Australian local servers for increased performance. We don’t use global data centres for hosting our websites because we host Australian websites with Australian hosting infrastructure. When you host local you are using servers closer to the people that are visiting the websites meaning the data doesn’t have to travel extreme distances to load on the web page.

Our servers are located in Sydney and Singapore.

Scalability As You Grow Your Business

Running on the AWS Amazon Web Server we have configured our servers to be more effective for your business and actively allocated more resources as you need them. No more website going down because you had a surge of visitors and the site goes down. We no longer need to manually allocate resources to your hosting account it is handled as you need more resources in real time.


If you need to increase your account limits is now a very simple process and your website is not impacted at all. The beauty of it is this also allows for an increase in security and real time positioning. 

Daily Backups

We have you covered with Daily backups which can be restored automatically from the control panel

Fast Servers

All servers are backed by Enterprise SSD storage for fastest websites around.



Up to 9 times faster than traditional Apache servers.

Simple management

Easy to use cPanel / WHM control panels means you don’t need to be a system administrator to use our reseller platform.

Fully featured API

Automatically provision and manage your hosting with our APIs .

24/7 Support

We’re here to help, day or night for any assistance you may need.

Responsive Customer Support


Our web support team is available should your website ever have any technical glitches. If you are subscribed to our web management oplan we will be able to help you with those once off changes, ongoing monthly moves, adds and changes and be your go to for any website development.

Click on the Get Started button to subscribe to our monthly Web Management support plan.



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