Shopify’s Vast Design Choices

A website that’s not appealing to look at is something potential customers don’t want to buy from. In order for people to pour in and start hanging about, a site will have to look professional and make navigation easy. These two are among the most important elements in order to become successful in e-commerce.

The great thing about Shopify is that it provides more than 50 various and professionally made themes for online stores. There are themes that can be used free of charge while others will require payment to access them. What makes these themes a good investment is that you can quickly customise them depending on the look and feel that you want.

Their theme designs are all outsourced to expert designers and developers who make sure that they remain functional and updated. An important benefit of this is that the themes available here are always fresh and ready to be used at any time.

Shopify’s Pricing and Features List

As a SaaS or Software as a Service, Shopify has all of its products sold in bundles with varying pricing ranges. The tier that you select upon signing up is going to determine what options will be available for you to use right away.

Besides its monthly fee, there are also transaction fees that you need to monitor each time your shop sells something. This basically means that Shopify will receive compensation for every purchase that occurs.

Here are some of the features offered by the platform:

  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited products
  • Embedded Oberlo integration
  • Automatic fraud analysis
  • Numerous languages
  • Credit card payments
  • Customer profiles
  • Customisable taxes and shipping rates
  • Manual order creation
  • Drop shipping capabilities
  • Discount codes
  • Blogging module
  • And so much more!

Platform Ease of Use

Perhaps the best attribute of Shopify is its ability to be very easy to use. It is inherently made to give people an easy time to manage things here. One simply has to visit the website, proceed with the signup process and begin creating their online shop from there.

The dashboard offers a quick way for people to view the performance of their store, including other concerns that they have to be aware of. Adjusting the settings such as managing new orders, providing refunds, shipping, taxes and more is also very easy to do here.

For people who are intimidated with the complex e-commerce technologies we have today, Shopify simplifies the journey for anyone.

Amazing Customer Support

Another thing that makes Shopify stand out among other competitors is its excellent customer support. The brand wants to become the all-in solution that people can go to and that is why they make an effort to prioritise their customers first. This is especially true since one can get in touch with a customer care expert whenever they want, whether through live chat, phone or email.

Aside from that, their support teams also have a vast knowledge base with which they can suggest solutions for the frequently experienced problems on their platform. For those who are worried that they might get stuck in the middle of their configurations, Shopify is one call away to answer your concerns.

Shopify Has SEO Integration

There’s no problem when it comes to the basic SEO practices in Shopify as site content and metadata can be applied here. As long as you’re making sure that your product descriptions and home page copy are sufficiently addressed, you don’t have to worry about optimisation as much.

Furthermore, the design of Shopify’s themes is known for having natural linking structures and clean code. These two are crucial if you’re looking to get on top of the search rankings any time soon.

Adding to the fact that the stores in Shopify are being hosted on a huge database and are able to load fast, search engine optimisation through the platform is secured when you take advantage of its features.

At Be Media, we’ve got the Shopify experts who can help set up your online shop to make it functional, effective and attractive for potential consumers. Contact us today to learn more!


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