The Capabilities of WordPress

The main function of WordPress is to empower individuals, giving them the ability to publish their content on the Internet no matter who they are or where they may be.

If you want to create a website that showcases all of your latest photography artworks? No problem. Perhaps you’re more into business and want to set up an e-commerce website to sell your goods, got it. Maybe you simply just want to air out your thoughts and write a blog every now and then. Again, WordPress has you covered!

What makes WordPress an ideal choice is that you don’t have to get someone to make something happen with it – you can learn all about it yourself and very easily at that.

WordPress Functionality

As mentioned earlier, the CMS platform is popular because of how easy it is to use, even for first-timers. After installation, one can find a dashboard that has everything they need to start adding or making changes to their website.

However, its true power isn’t from its user-friendliness. Its main strength comes from its amazing extendibility. WordPress is a tool that isn’t limited to what it primarily has but it’s a system that lets people add all sorts of extra functionality. This is inherent in the plugins and themes it has available for selection.

Excellent Plugins and Themes

WordPress lets users make changes or add new things to their website at any time. However, detailed instructions are needed so that the CMS can arrange your content on the site in an appropriate way.

A theme for WordPress lets you provide these rules so that your website has something to follow. Installing the platform for the first time comes with a default theme, but this only displays content in a basic way. If you want more flashy or sophisticated site designs, you’ll want to check out the other themes WordPress has to offer.

Themes are the answers of the CMs for people that want to display content in a different light, but what about adding certain features to the website? Whether you need a more complex image slider or an e-commerce shopping cart, WordPress lets you do all of these thanks to its plugins.

Plugins are also another type of instruction that defines the extra functions and features you want for your website. They are files that are comprised of codes that are uploaded on a WordPress website to do almost anything. There are literally thousands of these plugins available, just like the themes.

WordPress Is Free for All

The platform is open source which means that the owner can allow any user to analyse, make changes or distribute it for whatever purpose. This basically means that there is no one person or company who ‘owns’ the CMS but it is instead being maintained by many volunteers. Since it is free for all, thousands of individuals contribute to its growth on a daily basis and in a number of ways.

Being free of charge and with a lot of contributors working to improve it, WordPress is a CMS that offers a great experience to anyone while also guaranteeing that it is a software of high quality.

There’s nothing overrated when it comes to WordPress as its history, capabilities and continuous growth are a testament to how powerful it really is as a content management system.

Many websites have been powered by it – from the small, local businesses to the large organizations we’re familiar with today. The added capabilities offered by its plugins and themes makes it a truly flexible CMS.

It’s no wonder why there are many individuals and companies who are using WordPress as their go-to system for their website development needs.


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