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How To Add Users To Google Analytics:

When you join Be Media you will be working with us on one of your marketing channels. One platform we really need access will be Google Analytics. You may have this set up already and then this guide will be quite easy for you to add your account manager into your existing account.

If you do not already have a Google Analytics account that is a good place to start talking to your account manager about getting setup. This is in our workflow and we will recommend that as a minimum we have this platform setup for your website or app.

1. Please add us to your Google Analytics account by logging in to your account (,

step 1 access GA account

 2. Going to the cog symbol for ‘ADMIN’ at the bottom left of your screen, and then go to the ‘Account’ section (section furthest to the left)

step 2 select admin settings in GA account

 3. Click ‘ Account User Management’. 

step 3 add users to account level GA

4. Once you enter this screen, you will see the full list of people who have access to your Google Analytics. In the top right you will see a “+” symbol. Click this and ‘Add users’. Enter in our email address here, ensuring all boxes are ticked (manage users, edit, collaborate, read & analyze).

step 4 add the user email to GA

“This is how you can share the access to your Google Analytics with the team here at Be Media. We will need a few different platforms to measure your business performance but Google Analytics is our starting point. You will have recommendations highlighted based on the data that we measure inside this platform. Welcome to Be Media.”

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