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How To Add Users To Google Tag Manager:

When you start working with Be Media we will ask for a couple of different platforms to setup tracking and manage the way these tracking scripts function. Google Tag Manager is our go to tool for managing third party scripts and pixels. We use this to integrate your website with multiple other marketing platforms.

This guide is for people who have a existing Google Tag Manager account to grant access to that account. If you do not have an account setup already and you are an existing client or have just signed on to work with Be Media speak to your account manager about this.

1. Please add us to your Google Tag Manager account by logging in to your account (,

step 1 GTM account access

 2. Click on the ‘Admin’ menu option at the top left of the page

step 2 GTM access for your account

 3. Under ‘Admin’, navigate to the ‘Account’ section (the left menu), Click ‘User Management’. 

Step 3 GTM container access

4. Once you enter this screen, you will see the full list of people who have access to your Google Analytics. In the top right you will see a “+” symbol. Click this and ‘Add users’. 

step 4 - GTM add a new user

 5. Enter in our email address here, tick the ‘Administrator’ option, and click on ‘Set All’ to the right of Container Permissions’.

step 5 GTM send invitation

 6. Tick the ‘Publish’ option, all of the below boxes should also be ticked, then click ‘Done’

step 6 GTM container access

 7. In the top right, click ‘Invitation’

step 7 GTM finish invites

“Once you have invited Be Media to your Google Tag Manager account we can start setting up the tracking we need to monitor performance. This platform allows us to use tracking scripts and pixels without slowing down your website with a lot of seperate lines of code”.

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