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Can Be Media Host my Business Emails?

 We have stopped taking on email hosting as a service and now only refer clients to a third party provider of email hosting.

We recommend GSuite as the email host of choice. We use GSuite and have only good things to say about it.

If you wnat to sign up for GSuite emails and business plan features click the tick below.

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We explain some of the features and benefits to using GSuite here in this product overview article.


Key Benefits:

  • Emails are hosted in the cloud (not on a physical server like a lot web companies offer).
  • What does this mean?
    • Emails will never go down
    • Super fast email connectivity
    • When the customer moves around in future (we obviously hope they don’t and stay with us forever), the emails can remain where they are and not require reset or transferring – This will save the client A LOT! of hassle in the future
  • Use of the Google Suite of E-Applications, including Sheets, Docs, Forms and Drive (plus a lot more)
  • Google Calendar is a big feature – Our server based emails do not offer this feature.
  • 30GB of storage (compare with our server based offering of 1GB)
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Easily connected to email clients like outlook and smartphone apps.
  • Standardised company email signatures


So apart from the obvious benefits listed above, why do we not offer email hosting on our server anymore?

  • We do not have a dedicated email server – It is based on our web server, and therefor, is not optimised for emails.
  • Because of websites containing forms, these are often prone to spam email being sent from robots – As a result, email reputation is affected and can have a negative impact on email delivery, meaning emails may occasionally not be delivered inward or outward.
  • The above was a pain point for many of our customers, which has driven us to provide this new solution instead.

“We made the switch to GSuite and noticed the improvement in productivity and collaboration. This was one of the easiest software transitions I’ve ever made. GSuite for business makes everything about running my business easier”.

Jordan Fogarty

CEO, Be Media



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