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How to Clear a Cache on a Mac Computer:

Clearing the cache in a Mac computer means that you are removing temporary media files in your unit. These documents can be images and text files, which are gathered from the websites you visit.

Although these files help in reducing Internet usage and in speeding up software installation, they need to be removed periodically to ensure that your computer runs more efficiently.

IF you are using a Windows computer we have you covered with this guide here.

Here’s how you can clear cached data on a Mac computer.

Clearing Cache on a Mac with Shortcuts

Shortcuts allow users to clear the cache on their Mac computer easily. 

  1. Press the shift-command-G while your Finder window is open.
  2. In the search box, enter the following command: ~/Library/Caches.
  3. Click the “go” button, which will then bring you to a folder containing all of the cached files.
  4. Press command-A to choose all folders
  5. Then click command-delete.
  6. You will get a pop-up message asking for confirmation that you want to delete all of these files. You will have to enter the password of your Mac to complete this action.

Keep in mind that if you have other windows open, you may likely still see a folder inside. Otherwise, everything should be empty.

Clearing Cache on a Mac without Shortcuts

If you have problems with your keyboard or the command keys simply aren’t reliable anymore, it is still possible to clear the cache on a mac. You will just have to take some extra time to get it done.

  1. Minimise or close all of the windows that only the toolbar at the top of the screen says “Finder.”
  2. Choose “go” and then from under that, select the “Go to Folder.”
  3. Enter the “~/Library/Caches” in the search box without the quotation marks.
  4. Click on the “go” button and then view the folder where all of the cached files are located.
  5. Hover on the toolbar at the top and click on “Edit,” then choose “Select All.”
  6. From “File,” at the top of the screen, choose “Move to Trash.”
  7. Input the password of your Mac in the action-confirmation pop-up message to continue and clear the cache.

Caching is an important feature in Mac computers, especially those set up for wired Ethernet connections than WiFi. Besides, you can also get the best performance out of the feature when you’re connected to a network that uses Gigabit Internet.

“If you ever have any difficulty viewing changes on your website or logging into your accounts it might be computer cache related. We often ask clients to clear their cache, this is one of our most used problem solvers. Try it if you get stuck”.

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