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What to do if Your Website is Down

You may have experienced this already if you are on this page. You launched a new marketing campaign and went to check your site only to see a blank screen. 


Outages related to hosting can send anyone into panic mode, particularly if you are running an eCommerce website. The thought of losing the potential income can send you in a frenzy and can be particularly difficult to wait out.


Your reputation is also at stake when you experience downtime. A report from Amazon News states that more than 80% of online customers are less likely to revisit a site after having a bad experience. 

On our end, there’s really no real solution we can apply concerning hosting outages. It’s simply a part of the industry. Although the uptime for most hosting companies has increased and is now better than a few years ago, there’s still the potential of an outage in the future.

How Can I Check If My Website is Really Down?


If your website isn’t loading and you dont see anything but a white screen, stay calm as it may not be down and could just be a problem with the network. 

We would suggest eliminating the biggest problem by testing if its happening for everyone or just you. Put your website into this website and check if it is you or a bigger problem.

Here are some things that you can do to see if your website is down or if it is affected by a different problem.

  1. The site may be cached. Clear your browser cache and visit the website again. Pressing Shift plus Refresh works with most browsers. If the website loads, it may just be a browser or broadband connection problem.
  2. Try visiting another webpage. Google or Yahoo are ideal reference points. If these heavily trafficked sites do not load, you might be experiencing a problem with your internet service provider (ISP).

Using Online Services to Monitor Website Uptime


You can also use an online service to check if your website is down. There are several uptime monitoring tools to choose from, including free, open-source, and paid programs. 

We have a program running across our servers that monitors website uptime in bulk. If you host with Be Media we will monitor your website.

If you do not host your website with us then we will not be running checks on the website and you should request your website host company do this for you.


Preparing Before a Website Goes Down


It is very important to perform a backup of your website. A backup can be the difference in bringing back a website in the event of complete data loss. 

For our clients that are on our web management subscription we take care of this daily or weekly per the individual requirement. If you wnat to avoid the hassle subscribe to our web management plan and let Be Media take care of the backups and website performance side of things. Contact our team for more information around this subscription service.


“If you ever have any difficulty viewing your website you can run some checks to see if the problem occurs for everyone or just you. Try it if you get stuck”.

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