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How to Share Your Facebook Business Manager with an Agency


Setting up ads on Facebook can be a powerful tool that provides numerous opportunities for many businesses. Unfortunately, Facebook Ads is not easy to get into, so you may benefit by providing an expert access to your account.


1. Login Business Manager Account


Enter to gain access to your Facebook Business Manager account. This is where all of your essential Facebook business assets can be found, such as your Facebook Ads account, Facebook Page, Facebook Pixel, and more. Business who have not yet set up their Business Manager account here are recommended to do so.

Support facebook business manager dashboard view

2. Choose Business Settings

From the upper right corner of your Business Manager, select the blue button that says Business Settings. Click the button to gain access to your settings.

Support facebook business manager settings for business

3. Choose the Ad Accounts Tab


From the left-hand side of your Business Manager, you can see a menu that highlights the various kinds of assets that are associated with your account. Choose the Ad Accounts tab, which should bring up all of the accounts associate with your Business Manager.


Click on the account that you want to share access.

Support facebook ad account sharing

4. Assign Partner/s to Your Facebook Business Manager


Having chosen the Ad Account you wish to share access with, select the Assign Partners button. This option will open a menu that lets you either assign a partner that has a Business ID or give you a link that you can share. 


Choose the option that says Business ID.

support facebook ad account adding partners

5. Enter the Business ID


After selecting Business ID from the popup menu, you will be redirected to the next page where you can input the Business ID you want to gain access to your account. Upon input, you will need to assign permissions.


If you have an agency manage your Ads Account, you should give that account the admin role. An admin can make and edit ads, access reports, edit payment options, and customise admin permissions.


There are also account advertisers and analysts. An advertiser can view and change ads and also setup the payment options associated with the account. An analyst can view ads and access reports.

After choosing the permissions, click on Next.

support facebook partners being added to ad account

6. Run Facebook Ads


After clicking Next, you will be informed that you have successfully granted access to your Ad Account. Click Done and you are ready to go. Time to run those ads!

support ad asset added

How to Share Your Facebook Page with an Agency


After providing access to your Ad Account, you may also want to give your media agency access to your page/s. This is going to give them full capability to manage how you do advertising in these sections.


  1. Open Business Manager.
  2. Select Business Settings.
  3. Scroll on the icons at the left to open the Settings Menu.

4. Click Pages.

Support how to share a facebook page

5. From the top-right corner, select Assign Partner.

This is where you will be able to assign the agency to collaborate on your Facebook Page.

support assign partner in Facebook pages

6. A new section will open where you can enter your partner’s details.

Support where you can assign the partners in facebook

7. You will want to give them the role of Page Advertiser as they are going to need this to handle your advertising effectively.

8. After choosing your partner’s role, you will get a link that you can share with them. This is one way you can give them access. The second option is to give them access by connecting your business account with their Business ID.

support entering the business ID number

9. Once you have clicked on the blue Connect button, a popup will show up asking for their partner ID. Your advertising agency will supply this to your since their Business Manager URL can be found at their end.


10. Enter their Business ID and then click Connect.


From here, both you and your partner will be sent a notification informing that you have given them access to your account. They can start managing your account from here on out.


How to Share Your Ad Account with an Agency


For those with an ad account but do not want have or wish to create a Facebook Business Manager, it is still possible to give access to it to another agency. However, you can only grant access to those who have Facebook accounts, and you need to add them to do so.

Support facebook add people to account
  1. Click the Settings button from your Ad Account.

2 Click Add People in the section that says Ad Account Roles.

  1. Select Add a User and then input the email address or name of the individual you wish to give access to.
  2. Give them a role from the drop-down menu and then Confirm. That person you have added will get immediate access to your ad account based on the role you have chosen. Also, they may have various kinds of advertising permissions available depending on their role.


The table below shows what access options are given to a partner based on the assigned role:

support facebook access chart

How to Share Your Facebook Pixel with an Agency


Adding a partner agency to access your Facebook Pixel requires both of you to have Facebook Business Manager.


  1. Head to your Business Manager Settings to get started.
support sharing pixel access with agency

2. Hover over Pixels located under Data Sources and select it. 

This is your main manager view of the Facebook pixels in your account.

support Facebook pixel and data sources tab

3. Click on the pixel and then select Assign Partners.

Here you will be adding the Agency that will be accessing your Facebook pixel.

support adding partners to your pixel

4. To give access to the pixel, you will need to enter the Business ID of your partner agency.

This will be a string of unique numbers that ID the agency account.

support shared pixel data with agency partner
  1. You should ask your partner agency for their Business ID so you can start sharing the pixel to them.
  2. Input the Business ID and you’re all set. Your partner should now have access to your pixel.

“If you ever have any questions when assigning access to your Facebook page, ad account or pixel this is the how to guide for you. Try it if you get stuck”.

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