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Social media has well and truly established itself as a daily routine in millions of people lives. No longer are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube considered fads – these platforms are here to stay. Their reach is expanding, and just like any other medium out there, this is an opportunity to reach your potential customers. From direct advertisements to brand establishments, social media offers a world of potential/opportunity for your business to grow like never before.

Leverage Your Buyer’s Journey


Put simply, the buyer journey is the purchasing experience and process of your customers. Consisting of four stages – awareness, consideration, purchase and loyalty.
The buyer journey significantly impacts the channels you use, the content you create, the audience you target and the way you communicate.

Optimise For Results


Every social media campaign we build is focused on 3 core areas – audience engagement, conversions and sales. Social media, as a part of the overall marketing strategy, allows us to communicate with your potential customers in a more relaxed environment and ensure they are receiving the appropriate information and insights they need as they make their buying decision.

Through the use of advanced tracking and optimisation software we are able to increase the performance of each campaign on a consistent basis as we gather more audience data, conversion information and sales performance.

An Agile approach

We take an agile approach with our strategy to ensure that the social channels being used are the optimal channel to achieve the desired results. Through quarterly strategic planning and optimisation we make key decisions to ensure these sales objectives are being met.

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Our digital services team is the best in field with a fierce commitment to measurable results and outstanding service.

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Justin Beavis

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Cameron Antonio

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Emma Bishop

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Tom Brownbill - Chariman of Design & Construct

"Before Be Media we tried to work with a number of other companies without the real level of results and service we needed - after over a year with Be Media we've had excellent results and i highly recommend them."

Marian Rubock - Owner of Marian Rubock Clinic

"I've been in business 12 years, i have tried so many companies... since engaging Be Media i have had not only more enquiries and conversions, but it's been consistent... it's been a godsend."

Michael McGrady - Head of Digital

"Be Media helped us exceed any historical figures in only 3 months since launch. Not only am i happy with the results but the team are also willing to go above and beyond which is a rare find in today's marketplace."

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