Putting ‘the social’ back into marketing.

Digital strategy only works when all necessary components align, and social media is increasingly becoming the most crucial component; it’s the latest evolution of our human need to connect and communicate. Considering people spend an average of 50 minutes a day browsing social media, it’s a wise place to leverage your brand.

How it Works

Be it on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest,

social media gives you that extra opportunity to:

Be on Brand

Social media may be your best chance to engage with customers and tell your brand’s story. We create a unified aesthetic for your business and tailor it to the strengths of each platform. This ensures that users will instantly recognise your brand, associating it with the trustworthy service they’re expecting from you.

Be Dependable

That ‘Like’ button is a powerful thing…it means you’ve earned a place in your customers’ frenzied online world. Social media platforms are called ‘online communities’ because they allow users to talk to each other, and with you; here everyone can learn from one another. Think of it as old school, word-of-mouth referrals, but on a modern-day platform, where there are no restraints around time or geography.

Respond quickly to your followers and you’ll be building your reputation as a reliable brand.

Make your social media fans are the first to learn about new products, and have them know that you’re sharing special deals with them exclusively.

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Be Present

Once customers are on your socials, they’re only a click away from buying on your site – but you’ve really got to ‘check in’ regularly (be it hourly, daily or Monday-Friday). We help keep your social platforms active and your audience engaged, so there’s less possibility for disinterested browsing.

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Assist SEO

Providing additional platforms for retargeting, social media can be an effective way to lure already-interested users back to your website, prompting them to ‘make that purchase.’ Sharing quality website content on your social is another way to up click-through rates.

Social Media Marketing Platforms: a Snapshot


Precision-interest targeting, paired with the ability to gain the user’s trust is largely why Facebook advertising works. The benefits are countless, from a massive and relevant user-reach, to the fact that it’s fast, and easy to measure with Facebook Analytics.

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With 5 million users actively using Instagram each month, here lies marketing potential that you don’t want to overlook. A picture tells a thousand words, and this is why Instagram is thriving: it’s a visual social media platform that prompts engagement between you and your followers, and between like-minded users. Here you’ll build an authentic following, which means legit website traffic.

Instagram is for mobile-only, and we are on our mobiles more than any other device. Get on Instagram and you’ll also be one step ahead of your competitors; most small businesses aren’t on Instagram, but this is where your audience will likely be.


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