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Trusted by leading companies

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Our leader pushes us to be better at marketing and think outside the box. The tools we make are for our internal use mainly but why hide helpful tools that everybody should have access to.

Schema FAQ Markup Tool

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We love to be a step ahead of the competition and have been busy building a suite of small but helpful tools for our team to enjoy and the world wide web.

This latest addition is a Json-LD Schema Generator built specifically for the use of providing FAQ question and answer markup. This helps us create some guidelines for the Googlebot to read content a specific way. This also adds a nice standout feature to content shown in the SERP’s that uses this code markup.

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When you markup your FAQ sections you are providing search engines with more structured guidelines on how you want them to associate these FAQs.


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What is FAQ Page Schema?

The FAQPage structured data tells the Googlebot crawlers that the page is considered to have a section with Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) and answers to those questions. has more info on how to correctly use the FAQ structured data and qualify your content to qualify for rich display in Google search results. You can find Google’s documentation here.

How can I get FAQ rich results in Google?

Google has recently started showing web pages with FAQ structured data markup (JSon-LD) with a rich result in SERPs (search engine result pages) and also reads out your answer on assistant powered devices with Markup Action for Google Assistant. 

You will not require to have any coding experience to use this tool. The video will give you more info on how to use this FAQPage Schema Generator.

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