How Effective Are Web Remarketing Ads Online?

Have you noticed those ads following you around online with brands or products you were looking at only moments ago? Has it tempted you to go back and have another look?

Some people might think it’s a bit creepy that businesses are able to follow users around, but at this point it’s a normal part of the online experience. In digital marketing, utilising web remarketing is essential in grabbing the attention of those potential customers and bringing them back to you.



If you want to target people online that already know who you are and what you do, then web remarketing is the digital marketing service you need. It’s the secret tool to win back those customers that looked at your website and then moved on to something else, maybe even your biggest competitor…

To get a bit technical it involves cookies, but not the kind you can eat! When you visit a website a small file is saved on your computer (a cookie) so that it can remember information such as passwords and items in your online shopping cart.

Every time you visit a website, like perhaps to catch up on the latest news, browse an online sale or even check out the dentist down the road from you, a little cookie is collected to make your life easier.

But how does web remarketing fit into all this? These cookies can be tracked through a code on your website and this allows you to target previous visitors with banner ads as they continue to browse the Internet.

Before you can start remarketing you need to have built up enough cookies in the cookie pool. If you think that sentence belongs in a rap video it does sound a bit funky, basically, you need to have a collection of cookies before you can start the remarketing. We refer  to this as a cookie pool, once the cookie pool is ready the campaign can be set live and ads will start showing online.


If your business has something to sell, whether it be a product or service, web remarketing should definitely be considered in your digital marketing strategy. No one wants to be forgettable, so banners reaching people after they’ve already left your site should keep your brand fresh in the minds of potential consumers.

But even though a wide range of industries use this strategy, it’s not for everyone. Those that know how to use this technique often report significant increases in revenue. How could that add to your end of the month P&L statement if you had a successful remarketing campaign running alongside other marketing channels?

It’s all about context. If you have a business that offers something that people might think about for a while before committing to buying it, remarketing is perfect for you.

For example, a swimming pool involves a lot of thought and research – people will take their time before buying a pool. Online “window shoppers” may also need a reminder to head back over to the checkout and make their purchase.

Once off services like emergency plumbing aren’t really suited to remarketing because people will often make a fast decision in this situation.

However, for services that don’t quite fit into remarketing, there are plenty of other digital marketing strategies to consider such as Search Engine Marketing, Facebook, Instagram and more.


To ensure you stay ahead of competitors, your business needs to set aside a budget for web remarketing. You’ll be able to reach people that already know what you do and have to offer, so what’s the downside? Some of these people might be on the verge of converting, but need a reminder to push them over the line.

Don’t let them stray over to your competitors – keep your brand fresh in their minds and bring them back to you.

At Be Media we can re-engage your potential customers through Web Remarketing, driving warm leads back to your website. Contact our team and book in your strategy session today HERE.


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