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All existing customers can access their web support ticketing form by logging into this portal. If you are NOT an existing customer you can register for our web support Click here to register with us
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How do I speak to someone about my website?

Our process involves collecting the support request on this page that then will be inserted into our internal ticketing system. Your request will be managed by the web department and someone will be in touch when work can commence.

If the work is billable you will be notified. Once your request has been assigned to a developer if required they may contact you for more information or to advise you of any issues encountered.

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How do I get errors on my website fixed?

We provide a web work support plan for various types of ongoing and one-off development work. 

If you have a web management plan with BeMedia submit a support ticket above and we will review and assign a developer to your request.

If you are not currently on web work support plan we offer you the opportunity to subscribe to our service Click here to register with us. You can pay one off invoices for any development work that you need this is billed per hour spent at $150 AUD.

I want to host my website with BeMedia what should I do next?

If you currently have website hosting we will need access to this account, the domain name register and your cPanel. If you don’t know what we just said you can lodge a support ticket and we will have someone guide through this process.

We will need to move your website to our web hosting environment. 

We charge monthly for web hosting and a billing agreement  will need to be completed.

The actual transfer process doesnt take too long and your website will only incur minimal downtime during the move.


My digital specialist is asking me for cPanel, Hosting and Domain logins what are these?

Our web team works closely with the digital team to support their campaigns.

cPanel: This is where your website files and backend management features are except for CMS systems like Shopify or Wix that dont use cPanel.

Website Hosting: This is what keeps your website online and is key to several factors for how your website performs online with page load speeds, uptime and more.

Domain: This is the place where your website is located like a postal address. Most domains will come from a domain registry where you would of selected your business name and purchased the or other versions of your website.


If this all sounds too hard we can help you Click here to register with us

My website is down what do I do?

If your website is down its best to submit a web support request ticket above. If you are on web management we will use your monthly support hours to help fix the problem.

If you are not on our web management support plan Click here to register with us we can offer you that or invoice hourly for fixing the problem. Our developers hourly fee is $150 AUD.

Im on web management how do I request work to be completed?

You can make web work support requests using the form above. Your request will go our web department. Each request is ticketed and assigned to our development team.

What is covered in your web management service packages?

Access to our web department support team on for any troubleshooting and user support.

Each subscription plan has an hourly amount allocated, all unused hours will rollover into the next month and capped at 20 hours.

We will also advise on performance, security, maintenance, resource usage and up-time.


How do you bill for web support work?

We will need you to fill in a billing agreement document to confirm that you agree with monthly payments.

Web support plans are billed once off or ongoing monthly if that is the service you have subscribed for.

Website Hosting is billed monthly

Domain renewals are billed annually

SSL certificates are billed annually



To get started with a web support plan Click here to register with us