Decentralised Technology

Blockchain technology serves as the backbone of Web 3.0, and decentralisation contributes to a major shift in who owns and controls tomorrow's internet.
Web 3.0 presents a new way to nurture community and empower users with data portability and interoperability.

We support our approach to building smart contracts with technical acumen and a specialist developer team who understand the true nature of performance in this area.

When it comes to smart contracts our goal is to deliver on rules and security: two of the key drivers behind automated match making.

Blockchain Partners

Flow & Polygon technologies are shaping future applications of the blockchain.

When choosing blockchain platform partners, we work with innovative green companies that push the limits of what’s possible, and the reason we have partnered with Flow & Polygon.

We deliver blockchain agnostic solutions. To harness the power of different blockchain protocols, we choose the platform based on different situations and requirements that will deliver the best user experience.
Web 3.0 is changing the gaming landscape with new and revolutionary ways to play. This technology enables in-game asset ownership, the monetisation of gaming skills and the ability to leverage interoperable ecosystems.