The Why Behind The Be Media Rebrand

We Evolve With The World Around Us

As advertising changes, adapt and grows with the change in the ways we use it. So did we, meet the new Be Media, unofficially we are calling this Be Media 2.0.

The fresh new look comes along with a newly rebranded Be Media, new branding, new perspectives, new challenges, new office, new team members, changes in our technology stack and a set of new goals..

Our team has been working hard at giving the Be Media branding a fresh perspective, and it’s finally time to share it with the world.

This project has been a crazy ride! We had lots of input from some great creative minds and finally, we are here to present the new branding we are extremely proud of!

From our analytical, insights-driven marketing strategists to our rule-bending, right-brained creatives, our unique melting pot of fresh thinking sparked this need for change.

We’re a team of doers, drivers, and digital deep divers. Each member of our eclectic group brings a great deal of skill and world experience to the table, so we wanted something that truly represents us. The new branding brings together our company culture, the influencers of the digital world, and everything we stand for.

A large emphasis on ‘growth’ was also a must, in our new brand presence. Growth is a huge part of what Be Media is about, and it is infused in everything we do. We’ve grown to become a digital growth agency that challenges the way forward – it’s time we looked the part!

This branding is not only a fresh look, it feels more like…

The announcement was first published live on LinkedIn.

digital agency discussion about business growth

Forming Storming & Norming

This discussion around rebranding and reaching further started in early 2020. The company was facing the same challenges many other businesses were facing COVID. This new threat that had millions of Australians locked down in their homes.

“The way we provided business to business services was being challenged by an invisible force. We had to innovate or we would of stayed in a locked down state of play” – Shane Pollard CTO Be Media

We were facing potential losses, having to let staff go and review every expense to the business. Everything was being analysed to save what we could just to be financially secure. The discussions being had in the agency were all about survival. We are very blessed to have a CEO in Jordan Fogarty who has such strong drive to push through any challenge thrown at him. The real stirrings of a rebrand started with Jordan and the survival mode that Be Media was coming to terms with.

Our aim was simple in theory but not in reality. How do we become the preferred place to work for new emerging talent in the industry and what can we do to entice more clients within our area of expertise to join Be Media. No small feat to undertake just one of these but we decided to tackle both targets as our focus BHAGs. We wanted to build a culture of development and mentoring, where team members can “choose your own adventure” type of career progression. We also wanted to work with clients & businesses that we aligned with. But we needed to flesh out what this looked like in more detail first.

The decision to look inward during the height of COVID, in the first few months allowed us to pull apart EVERYTHING! The definition of madness is doing the exact same thing again and again expecting to see a change.

Well speaking of madness our leader Jordan Fogarty at the time was trapped in a little 1 bedroom apartment on the outskirts of Melbourne for well over 10 months while we were putting the framework together for this realigment. Imagine being stuck in a tiny apartment while your entire business was transforming around you remotely.

I also want to highlight a shift that made it all make sense. Our values as a company were what gave us our why in the early days. They served their purpose and they helped grow the business to where it is. The problem was with all the change and all the new energies within the business we felt that it was also something to consider. This conversation while difficult to have with “the” founder of the business needed to happen.

Our Values Linked Here.

Round 1 of changes didnt hit the mark with our leadership team, but round 2 did. When we rolled out the new values to the rest of the company it hit a cord and everyone aligned with our values and our purpose.

“The values that we have now are a direct response to all the hurdles that we have jumped through and what we want to be known for as a company and as indivuduals.” – Natalie Bruyns Head of People & Culture Be Media

the open plan office

The Growth Framework

Starting with the idea of pulling apart our service offering we identified some areas we could innovate on. We also identified some areas where we could really improve the offering we have for clients. This optimisation of services meant that in the delivery of service we could do more with the same. This is where it all started to snowball into the early stages of what you see in the rebrand, the concept of our potential.

Once we had the framework we started reviewing our entire delivery of digital services. This includes our SEO services, Search Engine Marketing, Facebook Advertising and Web Design and Development services and our CRO offerings. Pulling on one string become pulling on alll the strings. We did just that, we reviewed every line item that we sold, what we sold, what we delivered and what we needed to make it better. This was a mammoth job and our team sunk their teeth into it.

The outcome was a more comphrenhensive digital service offering. The goal was always to provide more informed advice to our client portfolio and prospects that we enage with. Our goal of being that perfectly postitioned marketing partner to saddle up side by side our clients has been the big target all along. We just didnt realise what that looked like.

The term we say a lot internally is GROWTH and how are our team members helping the online growth of their clients businesses. What actions are they performing to help the marketing campaigns hit target goals and measurables. This was the key to Be Media fulfilling that goal and stepping into the role of business marketing advisor and service fulfilment. The missing peice for so many businesses.

What you see here today with the rebrand is months of looking internally, months of speaking to clients who are with us currently, months of speaking with prospects that didnt sign up with Be Media and feedback gathered by speaking to several ex clients. The insights gleaned have all helped contribute to what you see throughout the rebrand. A more comphrehensive marketing agency that wants to help clients and employees reach their maximum potential.

Be Media 2.0 Here we are.