Why You Need Display Advertising in Your Marketing Mix

Display advertising is the process where a product or service is being advertised using images and videos through various channels. These ads are set on third party websites all over what is called the ‘display network’ and come in the form of banners, text and image ads.

Display advertising is like a catch-all term which can mean the visuals that are placed on websites. However, we can say that it has three main categories. These are:

Site Placement – this is the type of display advertising where the advertiser selects a particular website they wish to have their ads placed.

Contextual – with this approach, networks will decide where ads will be installed and which relevant sites are going to have them.

Remarketing – these ads ‘follow’ users that have been on your website in order to turn one-off visitors into leads and sales.

How Do Advertisers Identify Their Targets?

One way online advertisers know which anonymous users to target in the digital world is by using cookies. These are unique codes that can identify certain devices and users to determine which advertising displays to serve people. A cookie is capable of monitoring a person just enough to let the advertiser know how to retarget them later on.

The more data that is collected in this manner, the more information advertisers will have on the online activities of users. They can then get find out what interests them so that they can improve the way their targeted advertising is delivered.

As the needs of advertising become more complex, these display ads can be further customised by using other, more advanced methods.

What Benefits Can I Get from Display Advertising?

They are Appealing to Look At

An important characteristic and benefit that comes with using display ads are that they, as graphical content, can be customised according to preferences. This means that they can be styled and designed to be highly attractive and attention-grabbing. As opposed to standard search engine marketing ads that are text-based and have character limits, display ads are visually appealing and so have a high chance to catch attention.


Using Display Ads Bolsters Brand Awareness


Besides being attractive and relevant, having display ads benefit your brand by improving the awareness for it. PPC ads involve people having to read through text which they then have to click through before they can learn anything about what’s being offered. Because display ads incorporate your brand and style of choice, users can learn what your brand is about and its message without necessarily having to click on it first.


They Enhance Overall Visibility


Even though the targeting of display ads are meant for certain audiences, that doesn’t hamper your business’ visibility online. In fact, these ads allow your brand to show up on websites that are high in traffic and are also relevant to what you’re offering. A great thing about display ads is that they can appear to the right users when they are just browsing the Web.


Display Ads Can Be Used to Collect User Data


The measurement of all your marketing activities is an essential part of your brand to succeed. By using display advertising platforms, you can benefit from well-integrated apps to analyse and keep track of your ad performance. This data can tell you things such as how many times a specific ad has been clicked, how many converted in this way and more. When you monitor your display ads the right way, you’re making sure that they are succeeding to their fullest potential.


They are Compatible with Mobile Advertising


Browsing via mobile devices continues to become a popular trend with many shoppers looking to get the best deals online. This is one of the main reasons why the major search engines of today such as Google have prioritised websites that fully support them. Images are important in mobile marketing because they are easily viewed using various gadgets.

Display Ads are Budget Friendly

For those who are just getting started and have a low budget, going the PPC route would give most people the best value. With this campaign, you don’t have to pay up for the ads unless a person has clicked onto them.

You Can Expect Higher Conversion Rates

One of the best things about these online displays is that they can be geared towards a certain audience. Studies have shown that display ads are capable of improving the market response by a lot. They can enhance event registration by as much as 25% while also increasing conversion rates by up to 30. Additionally, these displays can even influence consumers to recommend the brand to others.

A Couple of Things to Keep in Mind

  • Combining display and search advertisements will result in the highest yields in terms of ROI compared to using either of the two alone. Studies have proven that using both in a combo campaign can improve conversions by up to 22%.
  • Using display ads are the most effective when they are intended to drive conversions towards other campaigns. You can think of the process as a teammate which is there to assist others in a match. Even if they don’t always get the appropriate recognition, the objective wouldn’t have been accomplished without display ads.


When starting out, it’s not really easy to know what kind of advertising would best suit your needs. There are a lot of factors to consider as well such as the volume of search, budget and your goals.

As said earlier, it may be best to mix and match to get the most out of your advertising. But whichever you choose, display advertising is indeed one of the important checkpoints when coming up with your marketing mix.

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