If you aren’t using social media as part of your marketing strategy, then you’re already falling behind your biggest competitors. If you are using social media but drawing the line at Facebook and Instagram, without branching out, then you are missing out on vital differentiation and growth potential in comparison with your direct competition.

If Facebook & Instagram are seen as the married couple of Social Media advertising platforms, then Pinterest is arguably the red-headed step-child that not many people talk about or take notice of. With so much focus for business on Facebook and Instagram advertising, both paid and organic, and the growing hype of Snapchat, Twitter and LinkedIn, Pinterest sometimes gets brushed to the side, when in reality the power of Pinterest is immense and can deliver tremendous results for an eCommerce business.

Strategising the Role Of Pinterest In Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Pinterest, much like Instagram is a highly visual platform, so to succeed on the platform you’ll need to be prepared. What will you need?

  • High quality images
  • Not just product pictures but ‘lifestyle images’ of your products in action
  • A consistent, attractive aesthetic for posts that represents your brand

Something else you will need when attacking Pinterest is to have an ‘avatar’ in your mind of your ideal customer that you want to reach on Pinterest. For example, a brand new Health Smoothie company can go to Pinterest with great photos and a great aesthetic, but without having the appropriate target in mind, this can all go to waste. Ensure you sit down and strategise who you want to target, what their pain points are, what their interests are etc. etc. This company could just target young people. OR they could target ‘Stephanie’, a 26 year old gym junkie, who loves to eat healthy, is conscious of the sometimes expensive prices of health foods and her ultimate goal is to look and feel the best she can. Now which is a more defined customer avatar? Shaping your ideal customer avatar is what will guide the images you produce, the aesthetic of your account and thus the results you achieve on the platform.

Pinterest Hacks To Get The Most Out Of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Pinterest SEO

As we are SEO experts at Be Media, we recognise the need for a Pinterest ecommerce strategy taking Search Engine Optimisation into account. At peak performance, Pinterest has the capability of funnelling significant traffic from the platform to your website, in fact Pinterest has grown more in referral traffic than Facebook (on the decline), Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit, among others.

One way to generate optimal referral traffic, you need to do some research as to what your ideal customers are searching on Pinterest, this then leads to you making an in-depth gameplan of images to pin and what keywords to use in their description (incorporate these into Pin descriptions and board titles).

Creating Pinterest Paid Ads

Just like the majority of social media marketing strategies, it is best practice to implement both an organic and paid campaign on Pinterest.

By creating a Pinterest ad, you are able to not only get the initial reach and engagement than small businesses desperately need, when selecting your target audience, the intuitive keyword research suggestions provide great value for terms to use in the descriptions for your organic pins going forward.

There are 3 main objectives when writing Pinterest ads, they are:

  • Build Awareness
  • Drive Consideration
  • Grow Your Sales

The build awareness objective is largely focused on helping your brand and products become discovered by those who are previously unaware of the offerings you provide. For a small business trying to build their name on a highly visual, high traffic platform this is a great idea.

The drive consideration objective is for those who are doing the initial research for their buying decisions, aka ‘the consideration phase’. This type of campaign optimises to get more traffic to your website, leads for your business or app installs if relevant.

If the only goal for you is immediate sales, then the ‘grow your sales’ objective is the path you want to travel down. This objective is 100% focused on getting your business more sales, regardless of whether they are online sales or in person sales.

Much like Facebook & Instagram there are various Ad Formats that you can advertise with:

  • Promoted Pins
  • Promoted Video Pins
  • Promoted Carousels
  • Promoted App Pins

Promoted Pins are the standard ad format and look much like your regular pin, blending in with the rest of the newsfeed. This format supports engagement, traffic and brand awareness goals. Putting a portion of your marketing budget behind a promoted pin will multiply your reach, getting your content seen by more of your target audience.

Videos are seen far less often on Pinterest than static, lifestyle images. With this in mind, it is well worth utilising promoted video pins in your social media marketing strategy, these stand out and with great content, can encourage people to shop, research more and engage them more with your brand.

Promoted Carousels work very similarly to Facebook and Instagram Carousel ads. These contain multiple images (up to five) for Pinterest users to swipe through and when used effectively can tell a story throughout the swiping process to engage viewers with your brand further and influence their perspective of your business.

Promoted App Pins, as the name would suggest are solely focused on mobile app businesses, in which they promote the installation of your latest technical masterpiece. If you have just designed the next Angry Birds, then this is the place for you to get your app in front of people who may be interested in it.

 Shop The Look

Similar to Instagram, one of the benefits of Pinterest is the easily shoppable interface, as a highly visual platform it would be crazy to not use this to your businesses benefit. In fact of the 250 million people who use Pinterest every month, 84% use it when deciding what to buy and a further 77% have found a new brand or product that they are interested in. With this amount of traffic to the platform and the influence of a great Pinterest account, it’s no surprise that Pinterest has embedded a shoppable element to their platform.

Recently, Pinterest unveiled their revolutionary ‘shop the look’ pins which make shopping on Pinterest simple. In the past, when this huge number of users were having their buying decisions influenced, they had to leave Pinterest and visit the relevant website to make their desired purchase. Now, with the ‘shop the look’ shop the look pins, customers can make purchases without having to leave the comfort of their Pinterest boards. What does this achieve? It speeds up the buying process, with less touch points that could potentially lose the sale. Comparison shopping is made simple for potential customers, where instead of having to jump from website to website, customers can do all their comparing and decision making in a highly visual and convenient platform.

Add Pinterest Options To Your Website

I recently spoke to a client and was chatting with him about his website and how it is to act as his ‘online showroom’ and I believe this is the best way to approach your website for ecommerce. This is where you show off your products and have to make sure that your website design appropriately demonstrates your businesses aesthetic and reaches the customer avatar mentioned earlier. This is why you make such a large focus on driving mass traffic to your website, you want your brand to be seen by as many as possible.

There are many websites that have Instagram feeds and Facebook feeds embedded on their website, however there are far less that embrace the power of Pinterest on their own website. Just by simply adding a ‘pin it’ button on product pages, or gallery is a great way to engage website visitors who love the page. By doing this, your brand is being pushed out to their Pinterest followers and provides you some user generated content. This is a perfect option for website visitors who are in the ‘consideration phase’ of the customer journey, those who are doing their research on the products that they are interested in, but are not currently ready to buy. Having a ‘soft close’ on the product page, encouraging them to pin it if they aren’t ready to drive can be a great driver of Pinterest engagement.

Your Pinterest account can give you in depth analytics as to which types of products get the most traffic, pins, engagement and interest on your page. This can guide you on how to run your paid Pinterest campaigns going forward and thus increase sales, as Sprout Social, has reported that 50% of people who have seen promoted pins have gone on to purchase the promoted product.

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