Win More Leads and Sales Leveraging the Buyer Journey
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How many sales are you currently losing because you don't understand how your customers interact with your business?

At any moment in time only 3% of your market is actively in buy mode. This means that your marketing is likely not appealing or working with 97% of your potential prospects if your marketing is tailored to these different groups.

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Specific Strategies on how to avoid becoming one of 80% of businesses that fail within their first 2 years 

How to maximise the Awareness phase and exactly what channels you need to be in and what questions you need to be answering

How to get cut-through and stand out in the Consideration phase when your customers are deciding

How to leverage social proof, reviews, paid search and retargeting to explode your conversion rates
Conversion optimisation tactics to increase your sales in the Purchase phase

How to maximise your existing customers and drive a 125% increase in profit!

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​​​​​​In the first full month of our campaigns running with Be Media we had a 177% increase in our new patient numbers! This is absolutely amazing as we immediately saw the real results of our digital campaigns and a clear strategy!

Lara Slotar
Practice Manager - Yokine Dental Centre