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Wizard Pharmacy is one of Western Australia’s leading pharmacies located throughout Perth and in the regional locations of Bunbury, Kalgoorlie and Mandurah.To grow their presence online, Wizard Pharmacy reached out to Be Media with a vision to attract users to their website  which was in the development stage. As soon as the website went live, we analysed it for SEO and assisted their developer to fix the technical SEO.

How We Started

To compete within this fast paced market, you need to be distinctively innovative, constantly improving and stand out from the crowd. With all this in mind, it’s almost impossible to come up with a long-term business marketing strategy to keep you ahead of the game.

At Be Media we want to give you an insight beyond a simple testimonial. Here is a real-life example of how digital marketing can be a powerful asset to empower your business.

Wizard’s Story

Wizard Pharmacy came to us with a combination of goals their company wanted to achieve with a digital marketing strategy. Wizard had just undergone a huge rebranding mission to re-position themselves in the market. Entering a new market can be very intimidating for a business, as they need to be aware of new competitors, new costs and a strategic transformation. What better way to set your business aside from the rest than by entering into a new media channel? This is exactly what Wizard Pharmacy did, they put their trust into Be Media to achieve these goals through digital strategy.

Wizard Pharmacy SEO Campaign Goals

  1. Engage with the online Perth community with captivating content
  2. Present the user with a personalised, genuine experience
  3. Rapidly gain market share of WA’s online community by reaching new and diverse audiences

Company statement – ‘Wizard Pharmacy is committed to enhancing the quality of life through both science and nature based wellness solutions. Wizard not only offers product but also the clinic services needed to put our customers on the right path to discover their own wellbeing’.

With an emphasis of wellness, we created a genuine experience for the online community of Perth. 

Be Media SEO Strategy – What We Did!

With the help from our amigos at Wizard we came up with goals to relate with the core values of their new rebrand. The ball is now in our court to implement these goals and achieve remarkable results. At Be Media we don’t just want to achieve the goal, we want to be WOW and go beyond any expectations for all our clients… so that’s exactly what we did.

In the first month of on-site SEO we even exceeded our own expectations. 

Results – How Far We Have Come Online!

During the first three months of our campaign we achieved a massive increase in overall traffic, increasing by 181.92%, resulting in over 5,566 goal completions! We really did make an incredible impact on Wizard’s online performance, see the results for yourself.

We’ve compared the web traffic from December 1st to January 31st compared with the previous period and the results were amazing.

How We Did It

Without giving away too many secrets, we will give you an insight into how we achieved these amazing results so fast. We reviewed the most important sections of the website which needed optimising, keeping in mind Wizards core values and goals. We then set up on-site SEO which created a massive drive of new and diverse audience traffic to their website. We then created content relevant to Wizard which creates a unique experience for all customers. It is very rewarding as a digital specialist to see these kinds of results for our clients.

What Can We Do For Your Business?

Are you impressed? Do you want to generate structured leads to your business that will return on your investments? Be Media is here to make your digital marketing campaigns perform. We want to know you and your business, so let’s talk, after all no-one knows your business better then you. Work alongside our digital experts to strip back your online campaigns and work on strategies that will really impact your business.

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