Your Website Works With Word of Mouth Referrals

Why great word of mouth businesses need a great website – or miss out

So you have great word-of-mouth for your business and rely solely on these referrals to bring in the bacon!

But… What if you were missing out on fully capturing and maximising your potential referrals? What if you lose them at first glance?

Studies have shown that 75% of people judge the credibility of a business based on its website with credibility having direct relation to how likely people are to purchase or convert.

I rely on Word Of Mouth – Do I really need a good website?

Word of mouth has to be the best form of marketing – it’s free, comes with tried and tested testimonials with advocacy that money can’t buy. Neilson research shows 84% of customers trust word-of-mouth above anything else.

So why do I need to have a good website? Your website backs up word of mouth with credibility, trust, knowledge, and information to help drive prospective customers to the point of decision or purchase.

When we develop websites our focus is on providing an enjoyable user experience. The focus on adding conversion elements comes into the picture during the design phase.

At the end of our website developments you are left with these key elements:

  1. Visitor attraction and retention
  2. Seamless user experience flow between pages
  3. Visitors converting to leads and sales
  4. A well-designed website that is functional and engaging to use

Your online presence and reputation can make or break a sale.

To dive into this a little more, let’s have a think about how you would feel if one of our friends told us about an amazing experience they had with a company. Let’s use Be Media, for example, look at what they say about us in our reviews.

What is the first thing you would do? Google their website? Most likely!

91% of consumers will check a business’s website before taking any action.

What would we think should we pull up the results & there was no website at all?  Would we put the brakes on if we saw the Google reviews were not favorable, or the website was clunky, hard to navigate, not user-friendly or not showing you the information you were after or thought you would see?

“Just Google them”

As much as technology has evolved our way of doing things, it has ultimately led us to become lazy and a little bit spoilt when it comes to efficiencies, giving & sourcing information.

When is the last time a friend referred a business and passed on actual contact details? Although this still happens, we can all agree that this happens less often.

We usually experience “Just Google them” and if we are lucky “and ask for this person”.

Word-of-mouth referrals will check your website first. Should this simple search, information gathering and navigation of your site take too long, be confusing or be too difficult to execute – you may well be losing potential customers.

Your website reflects your business

Your website represents your business, who you are, your tone of voice, what you do, your services and provides all the necessary information and tools to drive conversions at your end.

The importance of optimising your site to be informative, user-friendly, sharable easy to navigate & take action is more imperative than ever, not only for your potential customer to have a positive experience, Google also looks at these factors in how they decide to rank you in search results and is positive for your SEO.

We use SEO to help specific pages of a website get found for focus keywords. This approach allows us to help clients take more space up on the Google search result for their money making keywords and phrases. 

Be Media takes a fully integrated approach to optimise these factors whilst aligning with business’ goals, giving our clients a powerful approach to engage and convert their consumers. See some of our case studies here.

Reach your full potential Or Are you missing out on your full potential?

Living in the digital age where information is so easily accessible right at our fingertips, whenever we want – wherever we are, a business will never reach its full potential solely relying on word-of-mouth.

To discover what you may be missing out on and just how much more you can maximise your growth – get in touch today.

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